Stay Centered with these Free Apps & Services

With the recent disruptions in almost all aspects of our daily lives, it’s becoming increasingly important to take conscious steps toward keeping our minds, bodies, and emotions in check. We have compiled a short list of apps and services which can help you keep your world running smoothly during this chaotic time. As we previously announced, full access to the Sky Tripping app is free while the pandemic is underway. Check out the links below, and let us know in the comments if you find any other tips on great sites, apps, or services that everyone should know about.


Sanvello for Stress and Anxiety — A simple, beautifully designed experience to help users manage stress and anxiety, Sanvello has opted to make their app and services free for all while Covid-19 crisis is active. It includes tools to help users actively engage in practices which help improve their mood and wellness, as well as community interaction so you’re not alone (even if you do happen to find yourself physically isolated).

Headspace — A household name in meditation, Headspace has committed to being there for us to help calm the chaos while Covid-19 is underway. The content called Weathering the Storm is available to all. Jump in and give it a try if you’re finding your emotions straying or your mind running all over the place. A few minutes of self-care can’t hurt.

The Holistic Psychologist — Not an app, per se, but this instagram account is a tremendous resource for those wanting to engage in “the work”. If you are ready to take ownership of your emotions, thought processes, and life direction, this is a great resource featuring bite-sized tips encouraging healthier patterns of thought and response. A definite must for those of us wanting to maintain productive relationships with self and others.


Spokt Private Family Sharing — Keeping up-to-date on family health and status is a high priority for many while uncertainty looms. Spokt is similar to Facebook Groups, but private and secure. Spokt gives you a Hub (your own private space) to share videos, photos, and text updates for the whole family to see and discuss. In order to get a free hub set up to stay connected during the Covid-19 disruption, contact the Spokt team here. — Similar to Spokt, eFamily is providing full accounts at no charge for family and friends to stay in touch for the time being. Email in order to get free access.


Down Dog Yoga — Speaking of social distancing, are you missing the physical grind at your local gym or studio? Are you into Yoga? This might just be the app for you. Down Dog is available for free right until at least May 1st. Download. Stand up. Get moving. With data showing that moving can improve both physical and mental health, this is a simple way we can all stack the odds in our favor while things are in flux.

7 Minute Workout — Just because you have more time every day doesn’t mean you have to spend your whole life getting fit. And with studies showing that short, focused workouts can rival longer traditional workouts, this app gives you a chance to get active without getting overwhelmed.


Virtual Museum Tours — I’ll admit, this sounded dumb to me. I shouldn’t print that, but there it is. However, with the gentle insistence of my wife over a few day’s time, I finally succumbed — in no small part because I noticed the screenshot featuring the Uffizi Gallery in Firenze, Italy, a place I wandered for hours on my recent trip to Italy. I’m glad I gave in. After downloading the Google Arts and Culture app, the family went on a virtual adventure soaking in the art found inside the 36,000 year French Chauvet Caves. We were mesmerized by simple, informative, and beautiful works of ancient creation. 5/5 recommended!

Duolingo — This app is highly recommended and one we’ve personally used to supercharge our own language learning (I personally used the Italian Course prior to my recent trip to the land of romance). Simple to use and gamified for fun, now might just be the perfect time to dig into that second language you’ve always wanted to learn but never had time for (until now).

Khan Academy — Khan Academy is one of the most well-known names on the web for expert education at just the right price: free. Jump in and exercise your brain. It may not sound like much, but engaging your brain in developing new skills or knowledge is an important element in mental and emotional health.

Making time to check in, practice a little self care, and maintain good emotional, psychological, physical, and social health will pay huge dividends right now. This won’t last forever. Things will look up. Keep yourself in a healthy place. Take a few moments for yourself throughout the day so you can be ready for opportunities as things begin to look up. You’ve got this!

Staycation to Cabo?


Quarantined? Practicing your social distancing? Following a shelter-in-place order? We have a dose of good news for you: our newest batch of films (and our first international volume) titled “Cabo San Lucas” just launched. Revive your senses as vivid blues colliding with fiery oranges create explosive color combinations that would make even Michael Bay swoon. Travel along the Baja California shoreline in this tropical exploration of Mexico’s western peninsula, highlighting some of Cabo’s most iconic landscapes from all new heights.

And that’s not all. Since our last announcement, we’ve added two more volumes: Sierra Nevada and Monument Valley. For a limited time, anyone can preview these films once you create a free Sky Tripping account either in the Settings tab inside the iOS or Android App — or in a web browser at

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As always, we are hard at work on our next volume, but we couldn’t keep these latest films to ourselves any longer

Stay safe (and sane)!