Staycation to Cabo?


Quarantined? Practicing your social distancing? Following a shelter-in-place order? We have a dose of good news for you: our newest batch of films (and our first international volume) titled “Cabo San Lucas” just launched. Revive your senses as vivid blues colliding with fiery oranges create explosive color combinations that would make even Michael Bay swoon. Travel along the Baja California shoreline in this tropical exploration of Mexico’s western peninsula, highlighting some of Cabo’s most iconic landscapes from all new heights.

And that’s not all. Since our last announcement, we’ve added two more volumes: Sierra Nevada and Monument Valley. For a limited time, anyone can preview these films once you create a free Sky Tripping account either in the Settings tab inside the iOS or Android App — or in a web browser at

When you use Sky Tripping every day – even for a minute or two – you can significantly lower your stress levels and increase the amount of time you stay focused throughout your day. It may not sound like much, but the compound effects of our novel, nature-based meditation app can add up quickly resulting in noticeable, lasting benefits.

These newest films are available to watch today, and are also available as meditation scenes within our Micro Meditation feature (side note: with our latest app update, you can choose an expanded meditation time range between 1 and 60 minutes).

Alternatively, you can enhance the energy of your next get-together, yoga session, or moment of relaxation by streaming our cinematic films on your Apple TV.

As always, we are hard at work on our next volume, but we couldn’t keep these latest films to ourselves any longer

Stay safe (and sane)!

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I'm Dan. I overthink just about everything except for life's big questions. I'm excited to be helping people through mindfulness. I love being able to combine technology with wellness for the benefit of others.

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